2020 Schedule              Enter through www.horseshowconsulting.com

Oct 24 Schooling show Dressage Championships

Oct 31 CPDS USDF USEF Recognized Dressage show, Open and Championship with Donna Richardson

Nov 1 Western Dressage championships with Donna Richardson, clinic follows

Nov 7 Freestyle festival and Annual meeting. 


2021 Schedule       enter through www.horseshowconsulting.com

                                         Information at www.centralplainsdressage.org

March 28,29 USDF USEF Dressage Show Tom Poulin

April 24, 25 USDF USEF Dressage Show with Debbie Riehl Rodriguez, clinic follows

May 15,16 AHA and Schooling show Donna Richardson

May 29, 30 USDF USEF Dressage show Jodi Lees

June 12 Western Dressage Show Marie Maloney

June 26, 27 USDF USEF Dressage Show Amy McElroy

July 17 Schooling show with Lurena Bell

Sept 4,5 USDF USEF Dressage show with Melissa Creswick

Sept 6 Western Recognized show with Melissa Creswick, clinic follows

Oct 23,24 Schooling show Dressage Championships and Western Dressage Championship

Oct 30, 31 USDF USEF Dressage show Debbie Riehl Rodriguez, clinic follows

To enter go to www.horseshowconsulting.com   www.centralplainsdressage.org

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